The Internment Of Japanese Americans During Wwii

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Jaquelyn Hernandez
2nd Hr.Social Studies/ 3rd Hr.English

Unnecessary December 7, 1941 Roosevelt said, “A date that will live in infamy.” Japan entered World War II in 1940 alongside the Axis which included Germany and Italy. Hideki Tojo then came to power a year later. The Government saw the Dutch East Indies rich in oil as well as other Asian territories. However the only threat to stopping the Japanese from conquering them was the U.S. Navy. In order for this to happen Japan bombed the Huge Naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.The surprise attack killed 2,400 Americans and damaged warships and planes. Congress quickly took action and declared war on Japan. On December 11 Japan’s allies declared war on the United States. Roosevelt signed Executive order 9066 on February 19, 1942. Executive order 9066 forced all the Japanese on the West Coast into internment camps without a trial, (American History 807-811). The internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII was not justified because it was done because of their race, it violated their individual rights, and it did not help the war effort.
The U.S. issued Executive Order 9066 because of fear and anger towards the Japanese. American citizens were put in prison camps for crimes they did not commit. The only reason Japanese-Americans were put into internment camps was because Japan attacked the United States, “But when, under conditions of modern warfare, our shores are threatened by hostile forces, the power to protect must
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