The Internship Final Report : Bareminerals

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bareMinerals Internship Final Report bareMinerals by bareEscentuals is a prestigious cosmetic company which creates and sells makeup items that are made from pure, natural, earth ingredients. The company is a corporate based business. A variety of networks and platforms are available to the company for sales. The heritage of the company starts with QVC, the television shopping channel, which is where the bareMinerals foundation gained exposure and popularity. This platform is one of the most popular for the company. Another popular platform is the online store as well as cosmetic retail stores such as Sephora and Ulta. These stores are important to the business as these stores reach more consumers. The company strives to create a connection with all clients and uses the cosmetics to enhance their natural beauty, which is called a make-under. The boutiques and outlets offer services for customers such as consultations, a complimentary make-under and events. A free rewards card, called F.A.B. (Friends And Benefits) is available to clients when they make a purchase. This rewards program retains purchase information from each transaction linked to the card, offers the member a complimentary birthday gift each year and shoppers receive multiple discounts throughout the year. F.A.B. members often receive calls from the nearest boutique inviting them in for a birthday make-under, sale or boutique event and also when new products launch. I have pleasure of working in a

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