The Internship Is A Comedy Directed By Shawn Levy

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The internship is a comedy directed by Shawn Levy. It is about two friends Bill (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) who got fired from their watch salesman job. Therefore Billy goes to search for jobs with people with few skills but the they were not satisfied with that so bill had a vision that they would work for Google company. He then informed Nick in order for them to go and apply for the interview which was successful because they were given the chance to be interns at the company. They struggled to fit in because they were the eldest interns and they did not have high IQs. They were then formed into a team by Stuart who worked for management who became their team leader. The team did not get along well because of cultural diversity however when Billy and Nick inspired them to work together they were able to succeed and complete the tasks well which they ended up winning but the last challenge had a few misaps however they got through that and they won the competition because they had googliness and they were given full time employment at google. Management and leadership
There are a lot of different scenes that show the different kinds of leadership that is present however I will only discuss a few scenes.
Kevin has an autocratic type of relationship with his employees. The scene with Nick and Kevin at the store shows this. By Kevin talking inappropriately with Nick and his behavior towards the customers was inappropriate he is very casual with employees. He

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