The Interpretation Of Cover Songs Versus The Creation Of Original Songs

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The interpretation of cover songs versus the creation of original songs has been an issue for producing artists due to critics considering the use of cover songs to be less official. Don Cusic has been a professor of Music Business since 1982 and is currently employed at Belmont University. Cusic is well known for his impact on the educational aspect of music and for his knowledge as a premier historian of country music. In his career, he has authored over 500 articles, published 209 books, and appeared on television as a specialist in music. Within “In Defense of Cover Songs,” Cusic claims that cover songs are not irrelevant in the music industry, but instead serve as a form of art that endures throughout time. Don Cusic effectively conveys the purpose of cover songs in the music industry, but falls short with his choice in certain areas. In the article “In Defense of Cover Songs,” Don Cusic informs the audience that cover songs have a lasting impact and place in the musical industry. He believes that both writers and singers are separate in spheres and an artist should not be expected to write because it requires different personal aspects. Although he states that it is more profitable for an artist to write his or her own music, he argues that even if an artist does not write music, he or she is not to be considered less legitimate. The idea behind a cover song is presented as an interpretation of an original work that has been recorded before. Covers allow for a song

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