The Interpretation Of Woodrow Wilson

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The interpretation of Woodrow Wilson (1913-21)
I have taken this from an external source to show the power of idealism, and how Woodrow was perceived.
Wilson abandoned the imperialist policy and brought to the White House a new way of looking at America’s relations with the outside world. Wilson believed that the United States was the most politically enlightened in a sense under god, he felt that people throughout the world had their right to choose their own governments. Wilson was only protecting people rights to democracy.

Primary Source Analysis
6. Wilson Defends the Peace Treaty and League, 1919 (Indianapolis, Indiana September 4)

As I read in between the lines of the text it comes clear that U.S appears to be the Super country and not only that, I believe that Woodrow Wilson is protecting the interest of countries by making them sign a Treaty explaining them not allowed to go to war for no reason of any sort.
The text conveys the talk of economic boycott I believe what he was trying to convey was that anyone who economically trades with a country that has started a war with a country but another country and helps them with the economy, will be part of the country of war and will not be funded and also isolated and cannot take their decision back.
In text 5 talks about articles of the league of Nations Covenant 1919. Article 10 to article 14, talks about any member of league to act hostile or aggressive, is declared a matter of concern and if becomes serious then
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