The Interpretative View Of Organizational Communication

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The interpretative view of organizational communication developed from a humanistic approach to organizational behavior. The approach views organizations as cultural centers that develop over time. Consequently, the cultural setting of an organization determines the relationship between the management and the employees as well as between the employees. The interpretive organizational communication approach centers on the nature of communication between human beings in their natural environments. Moreover, the approach seeks to establish communication between persons whose incentive to communicate develops from the desire to accomplish the goals that describe the organization. According to the interpretive approach,…show more content…
Application of the interpretive perspective of communication in an organization is analyzed from three approaches. The claims derive from the intrinsic goals of the organizational communication perspective. First, interpretive communication approach seeks to offer insight through uncovering profound and hidden meanings of structures in an organization. The management of the Four Seasons Hotel may apply the interpretive communication approach through conducting research on the employee’s motivation to work. The Four Seasons Hotel can apply the interpretive perspective through the introduction of weekly sessions where the junior employees interact with their superiors and evaluate the period by sharing experiences. The findings of the study provide the organization with insight on the drivers of their employee’s urge to work. By understanding the nature of the employee’s motivation in the workplace, the management is better equipped in the creation of incentives that would encourage employee productivity. For instance, the management may discover that the organization’s employees prefer a greater sense of evaluation flexibility. Increased evaluation flexibility would enable the workers appreciate reward packages from the management more enthusiastically. The interpretive communication approach adopted in the above example illustrates the importance of the approach to an organization. The management of the organization
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