The Interpretive Design For High School Students Essay

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The basic interpretive design best suits this research process as it seeks to explain this specific topic and explore multiple perspectives of high school students from both countries that possess different approaches to learning and education. The basic interpretive design will be used to uncover emergent themes within this topic through interviewing, documenting, and describing the phenomenon. I will focus on obtaining rich, descriptive texts that will facilitate this understanding in order to make general conclusions about the emergent themes. The study of this central phenomenon in question could not be carried out as a case study because it does not address a unique situation occurring in both countries. It is not an ethnographic study, although it takes into account countries that have dissimilar cultures; this research will not attempt to give any sociocultural nor philosophical interpretations and explanations of the data collected. A basic interpretive study focuses on how individuals interpret their experiences; create their worlds, and the meanings they attribute to their experiences. Consequently, the overall purpose is to understand how high school students interpret their experiences and whether or not those experiences have adequately prepared or inhibited their transition into undergraduate programs. The limitations of my research design is in the collection of data, as basic interpretive studies focus on using interviews to collect data while other designs
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