The Interrelationship Of The Travel, Tourism And The Tourism Industry

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It is very important to be a bound between them, example passenger transport, how people can travel if they don’t use companies for having bookings made, example Thomas Cook ,one of the world booking leader ,who came into tourism business on June 1841,his first trip went in the summer of 1845,with a trip to Liverpool ,with cheap tickets from 15 shillings for first class passengers and 10 shillings for second class passengers ,them after those trips was successful ,he wrote and published a book of the journey .
By 1855, Thomas Cook took his first tourist to Europe, then to Switzerland, the he tried to form a relationship with the companies from abroad, to accommodate two important travel systems, one was a voucher for food and one for accommodation.
His business went across the world and this days is very successful, he could combine the travel with accommodation which is part of the tourism sector.
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1.1The interrelationships between hospitality and wider travel and tourism business.

As previously discussed, the hospitality sector, provides services in the sector in areas such as beverages, leisure, catering and transportation. This area of the sector creates success in this industry, it is compulsory, it is part of the composition sector, one without the other cannot succeed. If their links are successful. The travel, tourism and the hospitality

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