The Intersection Between Globalization And Local Entrepreneurship

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The intersection between globalization and local entrepreneurship, defined by specialists as “international entrepreneurship”, has started to receive more and more attention over the last two decades (Mathews and Zander, 2007, p. 395). Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a significant role in the global economy and have a big impact on incomes, outputs, and the employment sector. The latest report of the World Economic Forum (WEF) stated that the main challenge for businesses, governments and individuals was the fragility and, at the same time, the flexibility of the economy. It doesn’t come as a surprise that small and medium-sized businesses in the UK, such as start-up manufacturers, sole traders, hair and beauty salons or…show more content…
The report’s conclusion will also include critical evaluation, discussing possible recommendations and personal reflection. 2. Research Methods 2.1 Primary Research Method This type of research takes place by observing phenomena or surveying respondents. Primary data collection can be deemed as bespoke and therefore time-consuming and costly. This process is more lengthy and complex, it is typically costlier, involving experimentation, sampling, survey methods, and questionnaire construction. In this report, primary research was achieved by working closely with the owners of Dreadnought Pub, this included multiple face-to-face interviews, communication with the customers, people who have worked there in the past and everyone else related with the pub. Visiting the pub during busy times was very insightful as it resulted in analyzing the pub’s management style and the environment. With the help of Dreadnought’s full disclosure, working closely with the owners helped in analyzing the existing business plan, current entries, and various other resources, which proved very helpful to our research method. Face-to-Face encounters were the primary source of information which was gained through multiple meetings, interviews and random
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