The Intervention Of Biotechnology On Life Takes Two Forms Of Therapy And Enhancement

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The intervention of biotechnology in life takes two forms of therapy and enhancement. Andrew Lustig, author of the article Enhancement Technologies and the Person: Christian Perspectives, defines both accordingly, saying that “therapy is generally defined as the prevention or cure of disease, or as the restoration or approximation of return to normal physiological function. Enhancement is defined as the alteration of individual (or group) characteristics, traits, and abilities (both health- and non-health-related) beyond a measurable baseline of normal function” (41). Therapy is focused on restoration of our integrity while assisting natural physiology, whereas enhancement is focused on alteration of our physiology. For example, say a person had amnesia and lost the ability to focus due to a car accident. It would be natural for one to desire to restore his or her memory in order to remember things that were once forgotten. If, however, the person decided to use medication for Alzheimer’s or narcolepsy to improve cognitive function above what it was before the accident instead of participating in normal therapy, then this situation would be exemplifying enhancement. When taken by healthy people without sleeping problems or Alzheimer’s, certain drugs such as Donepezil or Provigil are arguably legal enhancements because of the way they improve the mind (Big Picture). Thus, there is a fine line between therapy and enhancements, which needs to be defined and distinguished so as
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