The Intervention Plan Aims At Social Adult Day Center ( Sadc )

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Problem: The intervention plan aims at Social Adult Day center (SADC), under the network of Hamilton Madison House (HMH). This program was designed to assist seniors who have physical movement problems or cognitive impairments in managing emotional and physical challenges. However, the problem is that the organization has inadequate professional social workers to provide qualified services. To be specific, while in general around 40 seniors come to the organization every day, only two social workers work in the agency currently—the Director Rita who is over 60 years old and the Program Coordinator Ping who works part-time. Relevant policies regulate that only licensed social workers have access to paperwork and certain services such as case management. As a result, two social workers, particularly Rita, are seriously overwhelmed by significant workloads; meanwhile, limited number of seniors has opportunities to acquire alternatives for their adversities from social workers. Objective: The purpose of this intervention plan is to have more professional social workers involved in SADC to offer enhanced services for seniors. Stakeholder Analysis: All identified stakeholders who might be negatively or positively affected by this plan have been demonstrated in Figure 1. Figure 1 Force Field Analysis: The first recognized driving force results from Ping and Rita’s stress. They strongly wish other social workers to work with to share heavy workloads. The next comes

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