The Intervention Plan Of Mario 's Case Essay

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orker’s Intervention Plan Since the last review of Mario’s case, there have been many changes in his life as well as the course of therapy. The most significant change is that a recent argument caused Candace to resign her position and move back home to San Antonio, Tx. Mario remains in Washington, and continues his weekly therapy sessions. Despite this considerable change, Mario was able to self regulate and continue to decrease his drinking and other negative coping habits. One practice that was employed after the split was Problem Solving Therapy. This evidence based intervention was utilized to help him prioritize his goals and make steps towards accomplishing them. His main goals included decreasing his depressive behaviors, decreasing his drinking behaviors, and finding a trade or educational program to further his skills in a craft related field. While his behavior was never perfect—nor was it expected to be—over the course of four weeks he was successful in all of his goals. During this time he had what he considered slip ups, but was able to learn and grow from them in a meaningful way. Following through with his action plans allowed him to feel empowered in changing his life on his own. Furthermore, it helped him to regain control over his mood. Because Mario worked hard in improving his situation, his relationship with Candace improved. They are currently on speaking terms, and considering the possibility of moving forward with their future together.

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