The Interventions Of Electronic Communication Technology

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Over the last 30 years mankind has experienced the inventions of several new technology including cellular phones, social media and online dating. Although the advancements in electronic communication technology have given mankind a great advantage in life; it has also led to the direct downfall of the human interpersonal communications leading to more lonely individuals. The cellular telephone or commonly known as the cell phone is a common contributing factor to this. The invention of the cell phone has allowed us to communicate with someone anywhere in the world at any given time with just the push of a button. Which is amazing when thinking about it. But with cell phones comes text messages. Which has taken on a life of its own. It has spawned its own language through short hand and Emoji’s. People have almost lost the ability to interact with each other without a phone, normal conversation are conducted by text and not face to face. People are even using text lingo for instance, lol, BRB, and BFF in normal conversations. This has taken the personal aspect of getting to know someone out of the equation. Leading to more people on phones rather than interacting in person. Application otherwise known as APPS are being developed for everything. From online banking to social networking. While being extreme useful for daily task it almost becomes too easy to accomplish something. Gone are the days of knowing your bank teller or grocery store clerk we can bank
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