The Interview : Detective Tirado

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The interview was set to happen March 25th, 2015 at 2 PM with detective Norbert Tirado from the 44th Precinct, in the Bronx, New York 10452. Considering the unpredictable schedule detectives are subject to, alternate interviewees were scheduled in the event detective Tirado would be out on the field on that day with detectives Bernice Forster or Rohan Studder, both also from the 44th precinct.
Those individuals were chosen because they are members of my community. They actually work in the neighborhood’s precinct. Detective Tirado is well known in the vicinity. Years back, there was a lot of gang activity in the neighborhood that started with some young people who moved in from another neighborhood, and who brought their bad crowd with them. Detective Tirado was part of the team of detective that got rid of that crowd. The face to face interview happened in his 2nd floor office. Another reason for choosing detective Tirado was to have a perspective from a minority group’s police officer. Sure, he is a detective in the New York City Law enforcement system, but he is also from the Hispanic community.
A list of pre-written questions touching on various subjects was going to be used to guide the interview through. In summary, detective Tirado spoke about his experience in the NYPD. He was a plumber before becoming a detective. He had saved many people in danger. The worst situation he lived was when he tried save a teenager from a suicide attempt. He had fired a gun in many…

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