The Interview I Had With Mrs. Kaley

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This paper outlines the interview I had with Mrs. Kaley Bager in regards to her fourth pregnancy. Kaley and her husband Larry had not pre-planned this event; therefore this pregnancy was unexpected. In this paper I will tell of the events that took place at a postpartum wellness check visit, in which this pregnancy was confirmed. I will also report on the various interview topics that were discussed with Kaley; which are nutrition and activity during pregnancy, emotions and stress, and recent trends in educating about pregnancy. In my summary I will include two relevant nursing diagnosis’ that will can be utilized for Kaley’ perinatal care during her current pregnancy.
General Health History Kaley is 30 years of age, is 5’7’’, and weighs 150 pounds. She is in excellent health and does not have any current medical issues.The only medication she was taking was Jencycla birth control. She has never been hospitalized for illnesses or surgeries, albiet the birth of her two children; Jenna who is 40 months old, and Paige who is 14 months old. Kaley had made an appointment with her Obstetrician to report that she “was not feeling good”, and to see about changing her current birth control to a long term (IUD) birth control. It was during this visit that the discovery was made of her current pregnancy.

Obstetrical History
Kaley’s due date for this child is Aug. 20th. Utililizing Naegles rule, and going backwards I determined Kaley’s last menstrual period (LMP) was Nov. 13th, in…
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