The Interview On Educational Leadership

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Educational Leader Interview The interview on educational leadership was with a principal of a high school, Nancy Johnson, who is in charge of about two hundred students. Out of the two hundred students, about sixty-eight percent of the students are Caucasian, thirty-five are economically disadvantaged, twenty-seven percent are Native Americans, and four percent have disabilities. Due to the high percentage of economically disadvantaged students, the district also receives federal funds to aide in supporting the academic interventions in the district. In this paper, issues, both highlights and challenges, about the leadership role within a school of this nature will be spotlighted. Leadership Roles An effective leader will often take a collaborative approach when guiding teachers in the right direction. When making improvements in the area of curriculum, decisions made at the administration level are based on teacher input. Teachers are in the trenches making sure the standards are being addressed through continuous research on curriculum and content, therefore, they are a vital in making sure the students are receiving the best program possible. As stated by Nancy Johnson, “Even though it is important to bring ideas to the whole group and taken into consideration, it is still ultimately up to the administrator with these decisions as the students are the base” (personal communication, October 3, 2016). Green (2013) continues by saying, “In order to foster
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