The Interview Session That I Had With Pastor

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This paper will discuss my reflection to the interview session that I had with Pastor Stephen Paulsen. Stephen Paulsen is the high school Pastor at Venture Christian Church. He has been a high school Pastor for about 13 years. Stephen has started his ministry at Venture Christian Church since August 2014. Before working at Venture, He began his first ministry in serving the high school students in South Carolina. He has four kids (three boys and one daughter) and a beautiful wife. This paper will reflect on the answers that I got during the interview, according to his experience in his ministry.
The Next Generation Ministry Stephen’s tasks for his ministry at Venture is to lead and pastoring the high school students that come to this church. He started to respond to God’s calling in his life by taking seminary in Moody Bible Institute, Chicago. He noticed the calling of God in his life since he was young. Another task in being the high school student Pastor at Venture is to be involved in the outreach ministry on the weekdays. His vision for the ministry is to see these students grew in their relationship with Jesus since they were little. Stephen believes in the power of a healthy community. That is why, besides the regular service on Sunday at 11 am, they also have a small group meeting for the students every Tuesday. The meeting will focus more on building a deeper relationship with the students by spending the time with them, to have a fellowship, and get to…
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