The Interview With Chere Smith

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The interview with Chere Smith provided me with a great deal of experiential knowledge that are essential for my professional and personal life. Chere inspired me as a manager as well as a leader. The first thing I learned from this interview is that it is important to shared the mission, vision and the values of the organization you work for in order to have a meaningful career. Moreover, I learned the significant impact that managerial planning, coordination, decision making, time management, effective communication, participative leadership and motivation have on the management role. In addition, I also realizes that it is crucial to maintain work-life balance and flexibility as one move up the management ladder. The overlap between Chere experiential knowledge and propositional knowledge from Supervisor Management class give me the whole picture of what it takes to be a healthcare manager. In conclusion, this interview showed me the importance of the administrative and management role every healthcare manager plays in delivering quality healthcare.
During the interview, Chere Smith stated that she shared the mission, vision and values of the St.David’s Healthcare. “An organization mission is the purpose of an organization and the reason for it existence” (pg. 139). It is important that the purpose of the organization fall along the line of your purpose in order to have a fulfil career path. “The vision create a feeling of movement toward the organization desired future

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