The Interview With Minister Moore

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The interview was conducted over the phone with Minister Moore, he is a Pastor in Carlsbad New Mexico. He started his church by obeying Matthew 28:19, particularly from the command words; “Go” “Teach” “Baptize” Minister Moore went into the streets in search of those that were lost, to reconcile them back to God. Minister Moore believes that strategic planning could be a very good thing if it backs-up what you are supposed to be doing and who you are. The way he initiates strategic planning is to make sure that the strategic plan and his vision was a unified fit for the ministry, this in turn led him to think strategically about developing his vision, writing it down and making sure that it was clear, inspiring, and that it
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He had to communicate the strategy and inspire them to see the need, what was in it (the value) for them to join in, and the scope of their strategic planning. After much dialogue, meetings, giving and taking, plus prayer, there was an agreement and a commitment to work towards accomplishing it. It was a slow and lengthy process; goals not only had to be set, but they also had to be measurable and achievable. He then had to plan for a commitment to resources. Critical questions had to be asked and answered as a group, like; Who are we?” What do we do? And how will we get there? Then they had to select someone from the group to facilitate their weekly scheduled meetings. All of the meetings would start and end with prayer and if there were any issues, they were to be addressed first; Moore wanted and needed everyone focused, in good spirit, and excited, so they needed the air cleared from the beginning so all would be focused on the matters at hand and how they were to move forward.
Minister Moore’s mission “Loving our neighbors in an environment created to be inviting and makes them feel welcomed, loved, and helped, while providing a better future and a blessed eternity.” And his vision for fulfilling his mission is to build trust and relationships in the community, inspire them to work and serve with him to purchase and fix-up abandoned homes to be used as transitional
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