The Interview With Sara Watkins

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Introduction Every individual has their own perception on what a leader is to them. What is a leader? What characteristics does a leader have? Are leaders born or made? These questions, along with many more throughout the process have given a general idea of what a good leader entails. This grouped included 17 anonymous interviews that provides the thoughts and opinions of what leadership is, which include similarities across the board along with some differences. Analysis There are two different kinds of leaders. One would be a team player and the other is more of a dictator. Going through the interviews it was clear to point out which were more of a team player when it came to leadership as opposed to one who would just call the…show more content…
Key words and phrases that I found in the research that correlate are anyone who influences, who sets a good example, and is a great communicator. There was also good feedback on whether a leader can be born or made. A majority seemed to think that the answer is both. Nature vs. Nurture was brought up on multiple occasions throughout the interviews saying that both are important. This made sense because just like any trait, if you don’t use it then you lose it. One might be born with the right traits and characteristics but it is ones experiences that really brings them to light. It was brought up more than once that being born with those traits just makes the path to being a leader easier. Though there was one who thought one could only be born to be a leader. James: “I honestly think you are rather born with it because you cannot force somebody to lead somebody else no matter how much knowledge you have about a subject does not mean that you can actually do it…” James has a good
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