The Interviews. In This Paper, I’M Going To Describe The

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The Interviews In this paper, I’m going to describe the financial institution where the nurse staffing issue takes place and I’m going to describe the role of the two people interviewed. I will also describe their viewpoints on the problem with nurse staffing. I will also discuss at least three actions taken to address the issue. Three future steps to address this ongoing issue will also be identified. I will also address three different problems discussed by the interviewees on the blocks that the organization anticipates in undertaking this issue. This paper will also provide statistical information on the background of three financial issues. Lastly, I will use recent literature to further explain the three recognized issues. The…show more content…
Chester, personal communication, April 7, 2017). Mr. Mills replied, “I would say I’ve seen a change in staffing over the past ten years, nurses seem to come and go more frequently” (J. Mills, personal communication, April 8th, 2017). What measures in the past have been taken to address the nurse staffing issue? Mrs. Chester replied, “We used to have a great program to recruit new nurses, it was a nurse intern program that was funded by the Munroe foundation. Nursing students could become nurse interns while in school and would have skills days where they were able to practice on dressing changes, IV’s, pulling drains, lots of things with the supervision of a preceptor. It gave new nurses that added confidence after graduation and along with being paid, they were offered a scholarship for committing to Munroe” (T. Chester, personal communication, April 7, 2017). Mr. Mills replied, “When we were not for profit we were the highest paid hospital in the community, for many nurses that’s very important. They need adequate pay to feel appreciated. Munroe was constantly evaluating market adjustments. We also heavily recruited at surrounding nursing schools and offered great programs for them to sign on with Munroe. When they were hired we also offered mentor programs to promote nurse retention” (J. Mills, personal communication, April 8th, 2017) What future steps have been developed to address the nursing
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