The Intolerance Of Feminism And Puritanism In The Crucible

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In the past, feminism fought to establish equal rights between both genders; the work of women such as Susan B Myers, Amelia Bloomer, and other important feminist figures has led to females gaining the right to vote, health care, and education. Also occurring in this time period, the Civil Rights movement fought for African American rights, which eventually they had achieved after many years peaceful protest. Nowadays, the descendants of these movements, Third-Wave Feminists and Black Lives Matter activists, sit in front of a computer screen arguing against those who don’t share similar views for issues regarding the gender wage gap, police shootings, etc.; their intolerance for other arguments as well as the use of their cause as an excuse to harass a specific person or group replicates the behaviour of the Puritans in The Crucible. In The Crucible, Abigail Williams, the niece of the town priest, lies that she and her group were possessed by witches in order to get out of trouble for performing a non-Christian ritual; Abigail soon realizes the amount of power these accusations hold and uses them to murder those who go against her. The ridiculous concept of hanging a person based on false accusation of Witchcraft may lead the reader to think that society has improved ever since; however, it hasn’t. Puritanism continues to prevail in society today, whether these modern Puritans are aware of it or not. In 1513, John Calvin published his book The Institutes of Christian

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