The Intrepid Ship, Used From 1943 - 1960’S Was A Warship

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The Intrepid ship, used from 1943 - 1960’s was a warship commissioned during World War II, the Cold War, and later for NASA as a vessel recovery ship. The ship itself was a part of American history and today stands as a museum for all three and the many more voyages it served. The voyages embarked on this ship play a significant role in American history due to its profound use in many of America’s conflicts and historical endeavors. The ship, after serving two wars and a NASA program was decommissioned in 1974 and later converted to a memorial museum. Those who served are reminders of the wars importance to American history as well as a reminder of the push for a more democratic world. More than 50,000 men served on The Intrepid during…show more content…
Modern day nazi’s seem more interested with the confederate flag and keeping the southern values rather than going against everyone not blonde haired and blue eyed. The modern day nazi is a result of history and education failing to be present in societies lives. The present day Intrepid is this education needed in our society, its use during this war shows the importance of what it meant to fight for freedom, and to fight against the oppression of immigrants and other people in our world. This fight against oppression was also seen from the Cold War, where the U.S and the U.S.S.R after World War I, had both become the superpowers of the world. As they grew and as each other began to repair themselves and other countries, both countries began to worry about a possible attack from the other. After World War I the Russians feared Germany coming against them and taking them over, so they created a sphere of influence in the countries bordering them and Germany. The Soviets built the Berlin wall to maintain influence and eventually this gave way to the hypothetical iron curtain. Winston Churchill stated “From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the continent.” The curtain, when found out by the U.S was seen as a threat to their powers, so Truman doctrine and the Marshal plan were created. The Truman doctrine would lead to the eventual military build between the U.S and

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