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Robert Frost is considered by many to be one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century. Frost’s work has been regarded by many as unique. Frost’s poems mainly take place in nature, and it is through nature that he uses sense appealing-vocabulary to immerse the reader into the poem. In the poem, “Hardwood Groves”, Frost uses a Hardwood Tree that is losing its leaves as a symbol of life’s vicissitudes. “Frost recognizes that before things in life are raised up, they must fall down” (Bloom 22). Frost’s sentence structure is long and complicated. Many meanings of his poems are not revealed to the reader through first glance, but only after close introspection of the poem. The true meanings contained in Frost’s poems, are usually…show more content…
The poet uses ripe apples as the good memories and experiences that one has in life. The message that Robert Frost wants to achieve is, that one wants to take advantage of experiences and memories before one dies. The actions in this poem of apple picking, reveal a deeper and a more personal underlying thought. The majority of Frost’s poems take place in Vermont where he lived. This rural region of New England helped establish his countless poems on nature and give Frost many ideas to write about. There is a great amount of space devoted to this poet’s settings because he wants to capture a particular mood, a mood that allows one to be immersed by one’s surroundings and become a part of the story. Frost uses the settings in many of his poems to characterize society and the way people perceive life in general. Plot is not a strong factor in many of Frost’s poems. In one of his more notable poems “The Road not Taken”, Frost uses the conflict of a traveler wandering into the wilderness and that the traveler comes across two roads. The rising action of the poem then becomes the traveler’s dilemma of which road to take. Frost describes the two roads as “one that is fairly well kept and the other that has been less traveled on and is grassier and more hidden” (47). The roads are a symbol for paths and choices that one must make in one’s lifetime. The road not taken is thought of to be the path that is the right choice in life.

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