The Intrigue of the Book of Danie

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Book of Daniel The Book of Daniel is one of the most intriguing books found in the Bible. To know God’s plan for the future it is necessary that you understand the book of Daniel. Daniel can be divided into two segments of six chapters each. Chapters 1-6 are made up primarily of a historical narrative that explains how Daniel came to be in King Nebuchadnezzar’s royal court and his rise to power. Chapters 7-12 are of an apocalyptic genre in which Daniel receives visions concerning the future and the kingdom of God. The book of Daniel implies that Daniel was its author in a few key passages, such as 10:2 and 12:4. Jesus Christ also attributed to this indication via the quote “Daniel the Prophet” in Matthew 24:14. In questioning of the original date for the composition of the book, two views prevail: 1) The book was written in the 2nd century BC in Judea or 2) It was written in the 6th century BC in Babylon by a Jewish exile name Daniel. The book sets its own historical timetable of composition around 535 BC through such references as Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, and Cyrus (Hindson & Towns, 2013). The key theme throughout the book of Daniel is the reassurance of God sovereignty over the “kingdoms of men” (Daniel 4:17, KJV). The purpose of this book was to of encourage faithful living among God’s people by demonstrating His faithfulness and giving hope to those exiled from Jerusalem. God blesses those who put their faith in him in spite of danger or difficulty. According to
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