The Intrinsic Description Of Adequate Boarding

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This past weekend I went back to my home town; Jacksonville, Fl, and visited with some of my old friends from high school. Since we all live so close to the beach we all decided to have a beach day on Saturday. While we were at the beach on Saturday we all decided to rent two paddleboards and try it out. None of us have ever paddled boarded before this just surfed, but we always see people paddle boarding at the beach so we thought it was going to be pretty easy. My friend Michelle and I were the first two people that went out to try it and my other friend jo just laughed at us from the beach. It was a lot harder than what we thought especially in not a calm ocean. We kept getting up then falling down over and over again, but despite all our efforts it was a very fun experience. I don’t think I stood up on the paddle board for more than 2minutes, but it was a great challenge. I loved it because there was…show more content…
One of the motivators paddle boarding can be described as is Intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is the performance of an activity for the behaviors itself and the feels that result from the activity. People want to go paddle boarding because they want to feel peace, happiness, and a boasted self-esteem just like how I felt. They want to paddle board because they have experienced that the result of this activity leaves them feeling good. The second motivation would be Identified motivation. Identified motivation means people participate because they see the value and get something out of it (skill building or increasing physical fitness). While I was paddle boarding I what kept me getting back up on the board was the fact that if I kept getting on the board I would improve my skill. As well as myself, people want to keep paddle boarding and getting back up on the board because they believe that if they continue to not give up not only will their skill improve, but also their physical
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