The Intrinsic Rewards of a Job and beign a Student.

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What is intrinsic reward? Intrinsic rewards are psychological rewards that we get from doing meaningful work and performing it well whether in studies or job. It’s actually a type of motivation. There also extrinsic reward. Extrinsic rewards usually financial and tangible. This reward given by manager to employee such as pay raises bonuses and other benefits. It been called “extrinsic reward” because it was external to the work itself and other people control their size whether or not they are granted. Extrinsic reward played a dominant role when work was generally more routine and bureaucratic, and when complying with rules and procedures was paramount. This work usually offered workers few intrinsic rewards, so they use extrinsic…show more content…
For the group project, I need to choose the members that I really comfortable too. I also need to search for the team members that can contribute to the project in order to make sure the work done. I need the team member who can give full cooperation for the project. It’s really important to have a responsible group member in order to finish the work or assignment because it will influence the result of the work. There will always a problem when it’s come to group project. Such as one of the team member don’t want to do the job and don’t give any idea but get the same compliment with other team members. It’s very important to have team spirit while doing group work. I also feel secure and not fear of punishment for honest mistakes when doing the job or assignment. The third intrinsic reward that important to me is sense of competence. I will feel satisfaction when I’m handling all my work activities or assignment well. I need to perform well when do my work activities or assignments. Thus, when all the work that I done exceed my personal standard I feel pride with the result. It’s not easy to do high quality work whether in my job or assignment as a student. So, to ensure that all work or assignment is done and achieve the highest quality standards and I have to work hard and use all the skills and knowledge that I have. If the work or assignment that need been done are group work you will feel more relieve if you

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