The Introduction of Private Label Products at Walmart

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Strategic project The introduction of private label products at Wal-Mart Abstract In an effort to respond to growing customer needs and enhance their own profitability levels, Wal-Mart decided to develop and sell their own private label products. The strategy behind this change decision was complex and involved a series of factors, such as the rationale for the change, the resources engaged, the strategic steps or the costs and outcomes of the project. These are all assessed throughout the following paper. Introduction The setting The modern day economic agents operate in a highly dynamic and competitive market place, in which the rules of the game continually change. The pressures from the micro and macro environments are not only mounting, but they are continually changing. As an economic agent masters a specific challenge, a new one comes along, or the old one suffers modifications. The challenges of the contemporaneous business environment are as such complex and numerous, including examples such as the changing behaviors of the customers, the increasing pressures for social and environmental responsibility, the unstable economic context, the changing policies or the advent of technology. In such a complex setting, the economic agents seek to devise and implement the more suitable strategic efforts by which to respond to these challenges in a means that ensures them with the ability to still attain their business objectives. Comparative to the

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