The Introduction of Voice Recognition Devices

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Executive Summary The report was commissioned to elaborate the marketing strategies introducing a new product called Voice Recognition Device (VRD). The function of VRD is to translate “natural language” into digital commands without the use of the common input devices like keyboard and mouse. This report analyzes the marketing mix and marketing strategies based on results from The Marketing Game (TMG) which is shown in the form of sales result and profit. Marketing strategies covers from research and development of the product to cater the consumer needs of targeted market segment to appropriate pricing to maximize profit. 1.0 Introduction Voice Recognition Device (VRD) is an alternative device/software for users which…show more content…
Therefore, special commands were increased from level 5 to level 8. Higher level of special commands will also accelerate the process of tasks performed by users. The company has increased the level of error protection to level 5 to minimize accidental error made by users. As a trade-off, VRD with high level of error protection will lengthen the time consumed to perform a task. Some user would prefer to have high level of error protection to prevent making errors like unintentionally deleting an important file when VRD interpreted the command incorrectly. The ease of learning was maintained at level 3. Adequate level of ease of learning will reduce frustration of users when they try to learn how to use the product. Users in the targeted market segments do not need detailed tutorials as they are knowledgeable users. In addition, detailed tutorials take longer time for them to get answers. However, there are some concerns about the time period of learning the features and capabilities of VRD and to what extent of help users can get when there's a problem. It is easy for users to learn how to use a VRD with fewer capabilities. But later on when users learned all of the basics, they would prefer to have more capabilities although it might be frustrating to learn in the beginning. Lastly, the company decided to make changes in
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