The Introduction to the History of Sexuality by Foucault Essay

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In The Introduction to the History of Sexuality, Foucault explains how during the 19th century with the raise of new societies, the discourse or knowledge about sex was not confronted with repulsion but it “put into operation an entire machinery for producing true discourses concerning sex” (Foucault 69). In fact, this spreading of discourse on sexuality itself gives a clear account of how sexuality has been controlled and confined because it was determined in a certain kind of knowledge that carries power within it. Foucault reflects on the general working hypothesis or “repressive hypothesis,” and how this has exercised power to suppress people’s sexuality. It has power on deciding what is normal or abnormal and ethical or unethical…show more content…
Society might believe these discourses are true, but there are no such thing as true or false discourses; people just think and understand them as true or false as a means to control societies. With this method, people will be aware of what is normal and abnormal to do and it will prevent them from doing unacceptable acts. According to Foucault, modern societies begin to develop these discourses on sexuality and because they are so inscribed in us that is a way to control individuals’ sexuality by causing fear on us that keep us organized and shape societies. Many people will think there are ways in which people can reveal and Foucault leaves that as an option; nonetheless, those people resisting will just generate another discourse that entails some power. The uniform truth about sex is really a consistent and unique truth that is inscribed upon society as necessary to keep societies organized and controlled. These controlled systems acquire and control our sexual appetite too for effectiveness because our sexuality is the weakness point of our bodies through which multiple discourses or sources of knowledge can pervade our conduct and our existence (Foucault 69). The control of our sexual feelings is the best method to discipline our behaviors, and thru discourses of knowledge is how power is prompted. For instance, Foucault explains that through confessions power is applied. As humans, we tend to see such confessions as a way
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