The Introductory Video Of Module One

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The introductory video of module one provides an overview of the course of what is to be expected for the assignments and the service-learning practicum. Professor Zinga introduces the online course giving a basics outline discussing the online course work and placement. She provides a second video as a walk through of module one covering the main component of the class by giving a detailed step-by-step instructions for the module one. The videos were a useful guide to following along make it easier to understand the task for module one.
The first video that was introduced was a Ted Talk of Alison Lebovitz discussing how we can inspire the next generation to make a difference to teach them that giving back can feel rewarding.
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It is important to help give back to the community you’re able to learn through a different experience that helps enhance your knowledge. Service learning allows students to make a connection from the course and apply it in the classroom making their experience more engaging. I think is important to take what you learn in class and apply it. I am looking forward to starting placement to help enhance my learning and improve my skills. This type of experience gives you a whole different meaning when you can apply what you learn in a real life setting.
In Service-Learning in Higher Education is a short video that gets straight to the point talking about what is service learning. Service learning incorporates a volunteer component with a learning experience that requires you to set goals, to make preparations, and reflection of things you experience. This is similar to our module were suppose to learn the purpose of service and role of citizens working in a community. Service learning will help me to have a deeper understanding of things and have an entire different perspective.
In the third video Carleton professor Emerita Elizabeth Whitmore discusses the benefits of community service learning. Professor Whitmore discusses how her students do academically well, but lack the training and experience that will be useful to them
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