The Inuit People: A Short Story

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“Mama! I’m going to go visit the dogs!” I yelled, poking my head out of mine and my sister’s tipi. “Alright, Honey! Be back by at least dusk!” She yelled. I left the tipi, after I changed. “Sissy! Don’t leave me here, alone! I’ll be scared without you!” My two year old exclaimed, pulling on my over-sized, tan, shirt. “Fine. You can come with me. But, don’t forget to tell Mama that you’re coming.”


We left the tipi after an hour, or so. While we were walking, I was thinking about how much I love my tribe. The Inuit people are the best! We’re nice to all of the other tribes. We share our food with the others, as well as clothing, and water. “Are we almost there?” My sister, Mady, whined. “Mady, we’re already here… I think.” I looked around. This was where our dogs usually stayed, but none of our dogs were there. There were new dogs. I knew the difference, because we’ve had our dogs for three generations. I know them like the back of my hand. And Mama wouldn’t just get rid of them; they are some of her most precious possessions.
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“Um, excuse me, Sir…” I said. “Yes? Is there a problem?” He answered. “Where are my dogs?” “...Um...What Dogs?” “My dogs. They were here yesterday…” “Excuse me, Ma’am, but I arrived here this morning, extra early, and it was completely clear, besides the bright green grass. I’m sorry, ma’am if you’ve lost your dogs…” “SISSY!!! THE DOGS ARE MISSING?!?!?!?!?” Mady exclaimed. “Mady, calm down; please.” The boy stood up and stopped petting the dog. “I’m so sorry…for both of you…” The boy said, apologetically. “No, It’s okay. It isn’t your fault.” “Are you from around
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