The Invasion, By James S. Hirsch

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The explosion of racial violence that engulfed Tulsa, Oklahoma is arguably one of the worst cases in U.S. history. This essay will focus on the violence, economic destruction, social humiliation, and racial discrimination in Tulsa’s black community using the in-text essay, “The Invasion”, by James S. Hirsch. This history consists of the police actions to elevate the violence, and how white leaders attempted to maintain the status quo in Tulsa.
Racial inequality during this period of time was immense in the Southern part of the United States. Neighborhoods were segregated on the distinction of color, businesses were segregated, and all aspects of life were bounded by segregation. Racial inequality was rampant, and the idea of white dominance was the norm amongst the country’s elites. To have a flourishing black neighborhood that was thriving socially, economically was repulsive to the white community in Tulsa. “Tulsa’s black community was a bustle of middle-class homeowners, business operators and professionals. Known as Greenwood… (Allen Pussey).” Black people faced oppression, systematic economic exploitation to engulf them in debt (Fedrick Burger). Thus resulting black communities to poverty, poor standards of living, yet Greenwood broke the norm. Furthermore black communities were often the target of intimidation by the white community to expel them. “Cards had been posted outside the doors of colored people’s homes warning them to get out of the state, and a white…

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