The Invasion Of Personal Space

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Invasion of Personal Space Jessica Ohara 2500 California State University Long Beach Authors Note This paper was prepared for Social Psychology 335, taught by Professor Gilbert. Introduction Personal space is like an invisible bubble, that people keep around themselves to maintain space from other people (Myers pg.157). Personal space is the minimal or the maximum space a stranger or a friend can enter without causing uncomfortable feelings. When personal space is invaded a flight or fight response is activated and will more likely activate the flight response rather than the fight response. A flight of fight response happens when a person feels uncomfortable in a situation or that the person feels like he or she is in danger. According to research, personal space is affected by gender, space, how crowded the area is, and lighting or time of day. Most importantly, personal space is different from one culture from another. In a psychological perspective, culture is defined as behaviors and attitudes that are shared within a large group (Myers pg.154). In North America, where this research was conducted, is an individualistic society, which puts more emphasis on the self rather than the group (Myers pg. 222). Eastern countries like Japan are a collectivist society, which puts more emphasis on the group rather than the self (Myers pg. 217). Depending on whether a person comes from a collectivist society or an individualistic society, a person will
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