The Invasion Of Privacy And Concern For Safety

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Introduction: The invasion of privacy and concern for safety has been an increasing worry among people who live in the United States and across the world. The main issue is how does the government’s actions change how people view their own security and even national security. Broader theories of this research question would be how the government’s interaction with technology and security influence how people think about their own personal privacy and safety as well as our national security. Some central questions that are critical to how to analyze this growing problem are the following: What does the NSA really collect and how does that differ from what people believe that they collect? What is the significance of the FBI asking Apple to create a backdoor into their phones? How does the decision that Apple made alter how people view their privacy? What would happen if Apple hadn’t made the decision to not create this “backdoor” for the FBI? How would that decision have affected our national security? These questions are only a few that relate to this issue and there are many other cases, approaches, and areas of the topic concerning personal privacy in relation to national security and how it is viewed. The importance of national security and people’s feeling of safety and privacy can influence our national security. The FBI’s approach to asking Apple to create the backdoor to hack into a specific iPhone for a case, although the backdoor would work on any iPhone, opens
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