The Invasion Of Privacy Through The Internet

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We have all experienced it. The tingles down your spine while your sixth sense picks up someone’s harsh eyes scanning you. You are being watched. As the little hairs stand up on your neck and the chill of judgment floods your body, you choke on the insecurity that comes over you. Some break out in a nervous sweat and drown themselves in doubt; others do not hesitate to send beams of criticism back. Many stare with innocent intentions while others purposely hope to provoke anxiety. However, if you did not know that someone’s cruel eyes were on you, would it be just as bothersome? Since 2000, internet security has been an issue that many feel is a violation of their privacy. This controversial topic has hit almost all newspapers with…show more content…
Merriam-Webster dictionary defines prevention as, “to stop (something) from happening or existing, to make (someone or something) not do something, to stop (someone or something) from doing something” How precocious do we need to be in order to prevent an event from happening? Is it necessary to sift through everyone’s business just to ensure there is no crucial information being withheld from the government that could compromise peoples safety? Some say yes but others no. Personally, it is appropriate for the government to have access to view someone’s information unless something triggers a suspicion. Further, this does not abide by the Fifth Amendment. ILL states, “One of the most sacred principles in the American criminal justice system, holding that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. In other words, the prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, each essential element of the crime charged.” No one should have their privacy violated unless the government is given reason to do so because it is federal crime.
The billion-dollar branch, Target, has become a privacy predator. The target corporation has engineered a way to analyze the items you buy to infer what type of coupons to send you. For instance, if John Doe purchases a surplus of Gatorade, Muscle Milk, and energy bars, target will use their computerized system to calculate that John is an athlete. Further, they will send him coupons for athletic materials such as running
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