The Invasion Of War By James Axtell

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James Axtell’s “ The Invasion Within” and Jill Lepore’s “ The Name Of War” share the same realm as they both are excellent resources when it comes to the topic of Native American History. Though there subject matter is the same, there are stark differences between the two books that each give a unique perspective on the Native Americans and their involvement with the Europeans. Axtell uses “ The Invasion Within” to tell the sorrowful tale of the Indians. The trials and tribulations they went through are flushed out on each page as Axtell tells the story of the early beginning of colonial life, the naivety of the Indians as they met the Europeans, and the destructive path the Europeans eventually led the Indians on. Lepore tells a much different narrative in “ The Name Of War” where she examines the lives, actions, and thoughts of both the Indians and Europeans and eventually comes to a very educated conclusion. Life for both of them really sucked. The Indians were no better than the Europeans, and the Europeans were not mightier nor more pious than the Indians. In an essence, Lepore used her book not to show the contrasting differences between the Indians and Europeans (which is typically seen in most history books) but instead the similarities between the two that not many see. These authors approached the same topic but in such distinct ways which leads one to beg the question, how exactly are these books different?
Starting first with “ The Invasion Within”, what exactly…
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