The Invasion of Grenada

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The invasion of Grenada also know as “Operation Urgent Fury” was a U.S invasion to the Grenada Island in 1983 that Overthrew the communist government in favor of a pro-Western one in a period of less than two months. On October 13, President Reagan was made aware of possible trouble in Granada. Deputy Prime Minister Bernard Coard had removed Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and recognized military rule. Six days later, Bishop was murdered. Bishop was a socialist and had bonds with Cuba; he spent his time making Grenada wholly socialist and encouraged development in the private sector to make the island a current traveler destination. With this in mind president Reagan was highly concerned. The president had two main reasons for the invasion; the first one was to protect the American lives in the island after military cup and a massive killing of people, and the second one was the fact of the Granada relations with Cuba and possible spread of communism. Even that this invasion had a huge impact in the way that the American army operates and it prevented the extent of communist’s governments in the western hemisphere; this invasion is not popular for the American population, the average American citizen is not interested in Grenada invasion most of them tend to confuse it with others invasions or just did not remember anything about it, only a PHD in history knew about the theme and even if the other interviewed had an idea about the operation, they had to make sure on the

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