The Invention Of A Handheld Electric Mixer

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In the beginning of time mixers were not electrical like they are now a days really easy for people to use. The egg beaters were hand cranked, Hand cranks don’t require electricity, there is a handle you hold it with and a little knob that you twist so it could mix the ingredients together. In 1856, a Maryland Tinner named Ralph Collier was the man who invented hand cranked egg beaters. The hand cranked egg beaters were used by hand nothing electrical in them, but a more years went by people started inventing so much more mixers and they were electrical of different kind. A handheld electric mixer is basically an electrical mixer that has a handle and someone holds it while the mixer is mixing the eggs and other things. Mixers are of course something used in the kitchen and only the kitchen. People or chiefs use it for baking because it makes the dough in a better smoother texture than if it was hand mixed. A classical American mixer brand is Dover stamping company, the company bought the patent egg beaters in 1859. An American man named Rufus Eastman invented the first mixer which was in 1885. The first man to invent electric mixer was named Herbert Johnson that was in 1908. His whole idea started from basically watching television, there was a baker who was making dough with a spoon that is how his idea was formed. There were electrical mixers before but they were hand mixers that used electricity. The electric mixes he made were mostly for bakers with experience and

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