The Invention Of An Innocent Device

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An innocent device that started out just a decade ago as a simple entertainment gadget, the camera phone has evolved into one of the most widely used item into the daily lives of all the people of the world over. It is hard to imagine our daily activities that do not involve the use of the camera on the back of the cellphone, a far cry from what its inventors had first envisioned it was going to do. Together with social media, the outgrowth of common people reporting events of their daily lives has become a major source of news and information with no sign of stopping. Today it’s hardly a secret that all news sources big or small depend on this camera wielding citizen as a major source of information. Top news outlets rely on these citizens journalists with their armature pictures and videos in their breaking news section for any events around the world. Like their saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, today these first pictures and videos have become their bread and butter and news agency compete against each other to be the first one to air it. It is inevitable that as camera phone devices become cheaper and wide spread, local people at the scene of any incident pulling out their phone and take pictures and videos for whatever the reason is only going to increase. Thus the question of whether it is safe for people taking the pictures put them at risk and possibly put others at danger that may result in loss of life is of a serious concern. Also, competing

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