The Invention Of Fossil Fuels Essay

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The world we know today is the result of millennia of scientific revolution. Mankind has constantly pursued the understanding of the world around themselves, which has led to discoveries, and improvement of the living conditions. One of the single most important discoveries is fossil fuels, which literally fueled the industrial revolution. One of the many convenient products to emerge out of such a revolution was self-propelled personal transport. This invention, better known today as a car, was a important scientific breakthrough, that has evolved over the past century and a half, as well as being adopted by an billions of individuals around the Earth. Cars are now almost the norm of personal transport around the world, as billion of individuals use cars to commute to and from work, among many other less routine destinations. However, this heavy reliance on cars has unfortunately led to environmental issues, as the combustion of fossil fuels is a considerable source of dangerous chemicals that can harm humans, especially the young, the old and the pregnant, as the environment through the green house effect, and the destruction of the Ozone layer. As such, men have tried to work around this issue by imposing strict environmental requirements to the cars, which has led to improved exhausts and reduced engine capacity, making cars slightly more efficient. However, this is not enough, as the regulations constantly evolve as new goals are set in order to meet these new
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