The Invention Of Lying : Jesus, Moses, And Biblical Morality

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Sandra Coursey
Dr. Lisa Wolfe
Pop Goes the Bible
20 April 2015
The Invention of Lying: Jesus, Moses, and Biblical Morality
How often do we lie? Ricky Gervais’s film, The Invention of Lying attempts to respond this question, and many others, with a surprising answer. Set in an alternate reality where lying does not exist, the film follows a typical, “nobody” of a man, Mark Bellison. As a result of the nonexistence of lying, there is no religion, no fictional books or movies, and not only are people honest, but blunt. After going on an unsuccessful date and getting fired from his job as a documentary film writer, Mark realizes that he is five hundred dollars short to pay his monthly rent. However, when he goes to the bank to withdraw his three hundred dollars, the teller informs him that the system is down. He responds, saying that he would like to withdraw eight hundred dollars, receiving the money without question, and thus telling the very first lie in history. After this discovery, he goes on to tell many lies, including saving his friend from a DUI, and writing a “historical” film entitled The Black Plague, from which makes him successful and wealthy. Soon after his date with a shallow woman, Anna, Mark gets a call from the hospital informing him that his mother has had a heart attack, and candidly telling him that she will probably die later that night. Not being able to handle seeing his mother scared, Mark tells the lie that would change the world: that there is an…

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