The Invention Of Modern Technology

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Our modern technology dates back thousands and thousands of years ago to the ancient world. If it wasn’t for the civilizations who started this all, we would have very little to no technology, because they were the creators of our world today. The simplest things they created to help them survive and make everyday life easier has improved over the years and have also made it simpler for us to survive as well. Their cultures started a movement for technology and some of the things they invented are incredibly creative and genius. To look back and see the inventions they made with their own bare hands is amazing, considering they had no machines to help them build things and basically had no base to piggy back off of. Three cultures that truly shaped the way we live today were the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Greeks, and the Romans. The ancient Egyptians can date back to 30 BCE when Cleopatra was reigning for her short period of time, before she died in 31 BCE (“Ancient Egyptian Civilization”). Ancient inventions came after that and continued to improve. The most famous and profound Egyptian invention are the pyramids, which was first being built in 2667 BC and was finished in 2648 BC for King Zocer (Millmore, 2017). More pyramids were built afterwards like the famous pyramids of Giza, which were also built for the kings who reigned. Another famous Egyptian invention that shaped our language were the hieroglyphics and pictograms, which are said to be created around 3300
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