The Invention Of Science And Technology

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Human 's life style is changing constantly. What drives the development of human history and makes great changes to human’s life? Obviously, the answer is science and technology. We can see enormous examples from human’s history. For example, the Industrial Revolution which took place in Britain started the age of steam and open the world market. The Second Industrial Revolution, also known as the Technological Revolution, had a large significant impact of the world and began the age of electricity. Lots of inventions were created during this time due to the huge development of science and technology, such as plane, car, telephone, television and electric light, which have become the essential part in human’s life. Since science and technology have connected with our lives deeply, everyone has their own stories and understanding about science and technology. Then, I will share my stories and comprehend about science and technology in my essay.
First of all, by observing the development of the cellphones in my life, I changed my understanding of science and technology several times. First time that I saw the cellphone I was a litter girl. I remember that I saw my father speaking loudly to a black box in his hand. I was confusing about that. Why he spoke to a freaky box? My dad told me it was a ‘cellphone’, which could let him talk to others without meeting face to face. It was newfangled for me and I took the cellphone from my dad to have a look. It was a heavy box with the…
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