The Invention Of The 20th Century

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Throughout history sculpture has played an important role in people’s lives, thus its substances have changed and haven been shaped by the human hand so as to serve various purposes. In the earliest stages, sculpture has been identified with statues which represented gods, and later on evolved into portraits of ancient kings in order to make them immortal and show their importance. Even though sculpture and its concepts changed throughout history, the first drastic changes didn’t occur until early in the twentieth century, when exploratory international artists began to derive their inspirations from Cubism and translated collages intro three dimensional objects. Furthermore, over the past century sculpture has gone through many drastic changes according to the political, socio-economical situation as well as the process of modernization. Thus, from being a figurative concept, sculpture evolved into abstraction, yet it never lost the power to coerce and move us in a certain way. Heide Fasnacht and Walter Zimmerman are both sculptors of the 20th century dealing with metaphors and a deep psychological narrative; however, both use different approaches in conveying their messages and go through diverse thought processes before creating their sculptures.
Heide Fasnacht is quite an upbeat artist dealing with individual imagination whose themes are mostly buildings, streets, fireworks and explosions. Her aesthetics are generally derived from the art of the 70s, where the focus was…
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