The Invention Of The Dye Industry

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During WWII there were many advancements in modern weaponry, the production of larger weapons and faster planes allowed for devastation across the globe. Many of these weapons were very effective and while the war trudged on as did the new technology that arose from the hellish time. German forces, at this time, were on the frontlines in trenches as they tried to push back British and French troops. Although Germany’s armies were strong they still struggled to advance on the British and French troops. Meanwhile in Germany, the dye industry was steadily producing economic growth but, the German army had other plans.These plans would eventually change the dynamic of war itself.
It was 1915, German forces grew tired and started to look for other ways to advance on British and French troops. As stated before the dye industry was a great weapon. Except it wasn’t the dye that was used but a chemical used to create the dye, chlorine. The German army filled canisters of chlorine and bought them to the battlefield. As they opened the canisters yellowish gas flowed from the metal cases directly toward two French regiments. The French regiments watched as this gas flowed toward them, before they knew it the gas had reached them. One by one French soldiers started choking on the gas as their lungs filled with chlorine. As the gas melted the tissues of their lungs French troops fell, all of them. Two French divisions were destroyed, in no time the gas had done what it was intended to
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