The Invention Of The Engineer 's Standpoint

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H.G. Wells said that a day will come when people, who has thoughts that became dreams and hidden potential in their bodies, who shall stand upon Earth like a footstool, and while they are in the middle of a mist of stars, they raise their hands and laugh. Later, the Engineering Editors, of the Times, said that in all the attempts to create and perfect airplane are not only dangerous to human life, but it foredoomed the failure of the engineer’s standpoint. As one man dreamed of raising his hands and touching the skies, above the clouds. The other told how dangerous aviation can be to the human life, and how engineers will fail many times. Both of these famous quotes are right, the human race will touch the skies and fail many times in…show more content…
CEO of American Airlines, Doug Parker, says how he thinks that Tony never thought of how big of an impact his flight would mean to the world today. The American Airlines, at the time, were private enterprises while most of them were government owned and goes through the history of aviation. The history starts from 1914, through the World Wars, the Jet Age, and finally the 21st century. The First official airline went back to 1925. The father of airline, which is the Western Air Express, and the first airport was called the La Guardia Airport in Queens, New York.
Besides, Interjet became the first American Airline into supporting the electric taxiing system by Honeywell, and Safran have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Mexican airline Interjet, so they can support the advancement of the EGTS taxiing system. Since, this supports using technology on the airplanes for the use of the taxiway and runway, which brings both fuel savings and emissions reductions to the airlines. Evidently, this can save up to four blocks of fuel on the plane by using motors on the landing gear that enables the landing gear to push back from the gate and taxi by using the plane’s own electrical power rather than using its main engine.
A new update from Garmin Software. The software update allows for planes with GTN touch-screen avionics. The software update Version 3.0 includes new things such as a display support for weather
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