The Invention Of The Ford Motor Company

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Divyang Bhatt Ms. Lydia Franzek Inquiry Skills C-34 15 February 2016 Automobiles and Technology in the Prosperous 1920s. During the 1920s the nation prospered under wealth and happiness, something never attainable during or before the wartime. A large increase in income for Americans meant that they were able to afford more appliances like a toaster or a car. Prices dropped with industrial innovations like the moving assembly line. With these new prices, people could buy more per dollar. Henry Ford’s, The Ford Motor Company is an example of a business that prospered in the 1920s. The innovation of Ford’s Model T allowed many Americans to explore the country and experience being on the road. Along with these new products and appliances, businesses made a new form of payment, credit, which allowed people to pay less up front to use the money they save for other things like food. The 1920s were known as a time of prosperity and inventions and technology such as the automobile helped improve American lives for the better. Businesses prospered when their products were sold at reasonable margins and due to mass consumerism, they made quick profits. Especially in the 1920s as the national average income rose, more people bought more things. Corporate elites built a new more consumer oriented, “business philosophy” (Scott). This philosophy included the option to buy on a plan called credit. Shoppers now have credit in the “form of installment payment plans” (Scott). Having to
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