The Invention Of The Motorcycle Industries

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Born on November 24, 1823 in Francestown, New Hampshire Sylvester Howard Roper paved the way for the motorcycle industries. Growing up in a family of 6, it was unexpected that Roper should find himself becoming an inventor. As an adolescent Roper demonstrated his ingenuity when he made a stationary steam engine. More surprisingly because Roper had yet to see one for himself in person. As of today’s date the invention is still kept on display at Francestown Academy. Although Roper is known for his steam powered velocipede, he was quite the inventor. He patented a wide range of products many that paved the way for future inventors. Such as sewing machines, automatic fire escapes, machine tools, fire arms and the steamed powered…show more content…
By attaching a twin cylinder steam engine powered by charcoal (as stated in the earlier paragraph) to an iron hickory- framed bicycle. Fitted with 34 inch iron-shod wooden wheels, wooden hand grips and a forged iron fork suspension. Roper had designed it so that the twin cylinders were located on each side of the frame. Which was connected by rods to the rear wheel axle. Suspended between the wheels on springs was the boiler and firebox with a short stack that rose behind the saddle styled seat. Water for the boiler was stored in a reservoir located in the seat, while the charcoal fire was in a grate below the boiler. As the fire heated the water, it began to boil and produced the steam which powered the engine. The wooden hand grips also operated the throttle valve by a cable attached to the valve. To activate the valve one simply had to tighten the cable, but if you rotated the cable in the opposite direction you would work the spoon brake located at the front wheel. For added leisure Sylvester added footrest to the front axle of the now steamed powered motorcycle. According to local news reports the motorcycle was loud and emitted an acrid odor. Albert Augustus Pope commission Roper in 1894 to improve and create a new steam velocipede using a Pope Columbia safety bicycle. Pope wanted to use this as a cycle- pacer for bicycle racing. After Roper had redesigned his steamed powered engine from his earlier creation the total weight
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