The Invention Of The Printing Press

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The printing press, a simple invention compared to the technology we have today, however, it was a huge stepping stone to getting to the technology today. The printing press represents the spread of information and knowledge. There were two major effects of the printing press. These two effects were the exploration of the Americas and the Protestant Reformation. Exploration was Colombus and his explorers “discovering” America. The printing press had great influence on these events. The Protestant Reformation was also shaped by the printing press, in some cases more than exploration. The Protestant Reformation, or more simply, The Reformation, was a mass conversion of people from the Catholic Church to the Protestant Church. The citizens of Europe started to access more information and the opinions of people that were questioning the Catholic Church’s authority. The people started to convert to the Protestant Church, as they gained secularism. The Reformation and exploration are different reflections of the same source, the spread of information through the printing press. However, one reflection shines brighter than the other, this is the reflection of the Protestant Reformation. The Reformation was a mass realization made by many people of the Catholic church. These people began to learn about the world from information gained from the printing press. As shown in documents A B and C, the Protestant Reformation was shaped by the printing press. Document A shows the

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